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Your inspection report is designed to be clear and easy to understand. We strive to do the most thorough and complete building inspection possible but keep in mind that our inspection report is not intended to be an engineering report or to be technically exhaustive and we are giving an opinion based only on a visual inspection. Our main function is to inspect, report, educate, and provide documentation of all conditions along with maintenance tips to preserve your investment.

Along with your printed copy of the inspection report, we also provide you the option of viewing your report from our web site inspection storage facility (normally within 24 hours or sooner). This feature allows other parties (at your discretion) to view your inspection report. When you provide us you're your e-mail address we will upload the report to our web site.

You will receive an e-mail generated from our web site with instructions and a link to this Homeland Home Inspectors web page with your user id and password to enter above to view your inspection report.

We recommend that our customers read the ENTIRE REPORT

Thank you for selecting Homeland Home Inspectors to do your home inspection. We strive for superior customer service and we appreciate it when you tell your friends and associates about our services. If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact us at any time.