For most of us, buying a home is the biggest investment that we will ever make.

After going through the overwhelming process of finding your dream house, are you sure that there are no serious unseen conditions that could cost you thousands of dollars down the road?

How long did you really take to examine the building? When the Realtor took you around to look over the list of homes, how long did you really take at each property? 15 - 20 minutes, maybe 30 minutes tops before you were off to the next location. After an exhausting day of looking over properties, you return to the one that you thought was the best fit for you and your family. Maybe another 30 minutes tops before you are off to the Realtors office to fill out paper work.

But did you really, really take time to examine all of the systems and components?

A professional building inspection by Homeland Home Inspectors provides you with valuable information about the condition, operation, and maintenance of the systems and components of the building. A home inspection could possibly save you thousand of dollars on items which you may be able to have the seller correct.

The comprehensive "narrative inspection report" that you will receive from Homeland Home Inspectors is not the typical "checklist inspection report" that many of our competitors provide.